Sturgeon Caviar

04 Imperial Beluga Caviar


Caviar from the "Huso Huso" sturgeon. The most prestigious beluga caviar as it is the rarest. Its eggs have a very thin membrane, which easily burst once in the mouth. This caviar from Iran has delicate, buttery flavors with a lasting effect on the palate.
Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs, salt, E284 preservative.
Allergen: Fish
Nutritional value: Energy 276 calories/1148 kilojoules, fat 19g, including saturated fatty acid 4.6g, carbohydrates 2.2g, including sugar 0g, proteins 24g, salt 3.9g.
Origin: China or Bulgaria (may vary with seasons and availability)
Conservation: Between 0°/+4°. Use within 48 hours of opening.
Expiration date: 6 months before opening
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Available on demand 125g / 250g / 500g / 1kg
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