Dried Black Trumpets


The black trumpet, Craterellus cornucopioïdes, grows in European deciduous forests. If it's French name ("Trompette de la mort") suggests that it is a toxic mushroom, it is not. Excellent edible, it is was named after the late period of autumn in which it appears, which often coincides with All Saints' Day (feast of the dead).
Use: Ideal garnish for duck and veal in particular, and lends itself perfectly to egg-based preparations (omelette, scrambled eggs, etc.). The black trumpet can also be used to make pies. You can also slip it into pâtés and terrines. Rehydrate for 1 hour in lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly.
Ingredients: Black trumpets (Craterellus cornucopioïdes)
Conservation: 18 months when stored in a dry place, away from heat.
Quantity: Upon rehydration, the black trumpet will gain 3.5 times its weight. 10g of dried black trumpet will be equivalent to around 35g of fresh dried trumpet mushrooms.

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