Dried Heart of Bluefin Tuna from the Mediterranean Sea

Packaging: Vacuum packed
CSD: 4 months
Storage: Refrigerated (0° to 5°C)
Weight: 160 gr
Ingredients: Red Tuna, Sea Salt
Traceability Guarantee: No Additives No Preservatives No GMOs

Fished on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, according to the Phoenician methods known as "trap fishing", a fishery declared sustainable by the European Union, the wild bluefin tuna presents an unknown and fabulous condiment revealed by the Japanese. According to a forgotten tradition dating back to the Edo period, which By DEHESA faithfully reproduces, the heart of the bluefin tuna, by its non-standard size, allows by drying it to obtain a powerful natural flavour enhancer concentrating all the aromas of the sea.

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