Dried Special Morels


The morel has a nutty flavor with rich woody aromas. Its rarity makes it one of the most sought-after mushrooms for gourmets.
There are several varieties of morels, but Morchella Conica is the most sought after for its excellent fragrance.
Carefully selected by Plantin, it has been handpicked with great attention.
Use: Whether in a risotto or for a cream chicken, the morel will give a festive fragrance to all your creations. Rehydrate 1 to 2 hours in lukewarm water then rinse thoroughly. Warning: it's imperative to cook the morel before eating it.
Ingredients: Morel - Morchella Conica
Conservation: Up to 18 months if stored in dry place away from heat.
Quantity: Upon rehydration, the morel gains up to 3.5 times its weight. 10g of dried morels will turn into 35g of fresh morels.

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