Extra Virgin Desert Olive Oil

Packaging: Glass bottle
CSD: 18 months
Conservation: Temperate environment and protected from light.
Quantity: 75 cl
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil First Cold Pressed
Traceability Guarantee: Organic Certification of Andalusia

* From old desert olive trees, a rare species, in a protected nature reserve near Cordoba, known for its exceptional biodiversity.
* Extra virgin oil, first cold pressing, and mono-variety oils
* Circular and integrated production system
* Acidity less than 0.1%. No astringency
* Burning oil with floral and herbaceous notes, reminiscent of green almond and freshly cut grass. Notes of spices at the end of the mouth.
* An oil that exacerbates the iodine notes of seafood and the earthy notes of vegetables...

A BY DEHESA creation:

Far from Spanish olive oils that are too heavy in texture and too astringent in the finish, these The method offers a very mineral texture, far from the E.V. oils of first pressing, often too fatty in the mouth. It is also almost impossible to make organic oil in mono-variety and E.V.1.Cold pressing.
During the olive season, the olives are selected and picked by hand, with a net.
Circular production system: After extraction, the pomace (remains of the extraction) is applied as fertilizer for optimal soil quality. The cores are used to make heating fuel.

With its intense apple-green colour, this oil is an invitation to escape to an Andalusian garden, with bright herbaceous, floral and spicy notes. The rare aromas of green almond and spices make this delicate oil the grand cru of our collection.
It can be enjoyed as a dressing on young salads, steamed vegetables or potatoes. This olive oil is excellent for fish by emphasizing their minerality.

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