Flying Fish Roe Caviar - Tobiko wasabi


Small, crunchy, wasabi-flavored eggs.
Ingredients: Flying fish roe 80%, sugar, salt, soy sauce (wheat, salt), falvoring preparation (glucose syrup, water, fermented rice extract (rice water, alcohol, acidifying salt: E330), enzyme, sugar, vinegar, acidity corrector: E338, cane molasse), rice vinegar, bonito extract (powdered bonito, glucose, flavor enhancer: E363 ; E631; powdered kelp), aroma, coloring agent: E141.
Allergen: Fish, soybean, gluten.
Nutritional value: Energy 89.3 calories/379.4 kilojoules, fat 0.1g including saturated fatty acids 0g, carbohydrates 12.1g including sugar 12.1g, proteins 10g, salt 3g.
Place of origin: Island
Conservation: Between 0°/+4°. Use within 48 hours of opening.
Expiration date: 6 months before opening

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