Japanese Smoked Eel


Packaging: Vacuum pack
CSD: 45 days
Storage: Cool (between 0° and 5°C)
Weight: 2 kg (approx.) for 3 eels
Ingredients: Eel, natural smoking
Traceability Guarantee: No Additives No Preservatives No GMOs

• Mild salty fat sublimated by notes of olive wood, with no muddy taste.
• Crunchy texture.
• Additive and preservative free and GMO free.

A creation By DEHESA:

Fished in the pure rivers of the Ebro, in a protected natural area, on the Mediterranean Sea, our eels offer a salty and silky fat in the mouth.

By DEHESA uses the Japanese eel sacrifice technique, ikejimé, which maintains the firm texture of the live fish and prolongs its conservation. It consists in intervening on the live fish, when it comes out of the water by neutralizing the nervous system of the fish and draining it of its blood. The ikejimé fish undergoes a minimum of stress and dies almost instantaneously. A method that avoids death by asphyxiation, practiced in Europe.
 Nous then called upon a local producer with one of the oldest eel smoking houses in Europe to smoke the eels naturally with olive wood, which highlights the eel's mineral fat without leaving a predominantly smoky taste in the mouth.

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