King Size Bottarga

Packaging: fresh
CSD: 9 months
Storage: Refrigerated (0° to 5°C)
Ingredients: Mule Eggs, Salt

• Creamy and greedy texture, close to candied fruit.
• Slow-maturation® technique offering a relatively mild and balanced taste, with a fruity aftertaste.
• Without a hint of salt or astringency.
• No preservatives, no additives and no GMOs.

Trendy product on the starred tables, the poutargue is made from pockets of mule eggs. Coming from fishing in the Mediterranean, our responsible fishermen concentrate on catching areas with pure waters and patiently wait for the females to reach full maturity in order to obtain "King Size" eggs. Their size allows us to obtain a poutargue with a smoother texture, close to candied fruit, and sweet bitter and iodized notes. Thanks to our slow-maturation process, we offer you to choose your texture and aromatic palette adapted to your taste.


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