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Light Canigou Fir Balsamic Cream


Exceptional and unique, the Light Canigou Fir Balsamic Cream from ACETIS is obtained from the maceration of buds and branches of fir and Modena vinegar.
Its extraordinary flavor, both sweet and sour, will amaze your taste buds. Ideal for culinary creation, salad dressing, lacquering meats (duck, veal), sauteed mushrooms or to accompany goat cheese, to flavor fruit baked in the oven or to put on top of your ice cream.
Ingredients: Branches and buds of fir (45%), sugar (30%), Modena balsamic vinegar (25%), Sichuan pepper (0.1%)
Color and flavors: Deep black, our tangy vinegar will reveal notes and flavors of fir and high mountain forests.
Place of origin: Olette – Evol – Roussillon - France

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