Trikalinos Poutargue


The Trikalinos Poutargue is produced exclusively from Mulet Lippu fish eggs, known for their high quality. Its preparation entails finding the perfect balance of salt, without using preservatives. The Boutargue is then wrapped in natural beeswax. It reveals a sublime delicacy, with a nice finishing touch on the palate.
Ingredients: Mulet Lippu fish eggs, salt, natural beeswax.
Allergen: Fish.
Nutritional value: Energy 345.5 calories/1441.5 kilojoules, fat 22g including saturated fatty acids 4g, carbohydrates 2.7g including sugar 0g, proteins 35.3g, salt 2g.
Origin: Greece
Conservation: Between 0°/+4°. Use within 48 hours of opening.
Expiration date: 6 months before opening

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