Signature Axyon

Our Signature Axyon products have been created to meet high taste requirements. This brand is the result of a collaboration between small producers with unique know-how and the expertise of Axyon on North American soil. This Signature collection is only the beginning and has only one key word: Quality!

Oyster – Maison Tarbouriech


The Tarbouriech house carries commitments that share the values of passion, work, respect and innovation. We make it our mission to provide healthy, high-quality food for everyone. We are working to improve our performance and maintain a virtuous impact on the environment. We want to spread an art of living that gives salt to existence.


Caviar - Caviar

We import caviars finely selected by KAVIARI, a reference house in the world of caviar and haute cuisine. A range of farmed caviars worthy of the greatest wild caviars whose different varieties and taste qualities perfectly meet the requirements of connoisseurs.





Fresh truffle – Our small producers

Thanks to our small producers, we import fresh truffles all year round! You will find thea truffe noire Melanosporum française de November to March, but also from Australia and Chile from June to August, the White Alba truffle from October to December and finally the Burgundy truffle from September to November.

Truffle – Henras

With its uneven harvests and singularly productive truffle lands, the truffle requires real expertise. Since 1820, Maison Henras has been appreciated for its rigorous selection of the best truffles, at the best times of the season, in the best truffle fields in the world. Perfect knowledge of the truffle and its markets, a genuine love of aromatic subtlety and an understanding of the freshness requirements of haute gastronomy have enabled Maison Henras to never deviate from the criteria of excellence.

Sausage – Maison Duculty

Butchers and cured meat makers since 1816, the Duculty family has been able to transmit, from father to son, the authentic production of dry sausage, based above all on the quality of the pork, but also and above all on an unchanging recipe and an exceptional quality of ripening, thanks to the pure air of the Regional Park of Pilat.

Truffle – Plantin

We are the suppliers of good tables, importer of truffles from MAISON PLANTIN.

Saffron – Saffron

Our exceptional SAFRANI saffron is harvested in a village located northwest of Kabul in a program supervised by the UN. Part of our profits are donated to Afghanistan to sustain the activity. Official Supplier Bocuse d'Or 2019.

Herring - J.C. David

Madame Marcelle David started out in 1922 in a maritime salting plant in Boulogne-sur-Mer, passing on the art of salting and smoking fish to her son Jean-Claude. In 1973, Jean-Claude founded Établissements J.C. David, preserving traditional curing techniques. The company's reputation in French gastronomy is built on respect for the taste of yesteryear, preserved by meticulous smoking and the use of sustainable oak chips.

In 2005, to support their expansion, Établissements J.C. David acquired the Gaston Seillier workshops. The "Maîtres Fumeurs" run forty traditional furnaces. Awarded the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) label in 2011 and "IFS Food" certification for food safety, they obtain the prestigious "Label Rouge" for their mild smoked herring fillets.

Hareng fumé JC David

Homard – Caviari

Our European lobster coral is an excellent product to use for your sauces or emulsions.

Seaweed - Ocean of flavors

We offer you quality seafood products, in a sustainable and eco-responsible way. We encourage chefs and fishmongers to serve little-known flavors among all the edible species of the St. Lawrence, in order to protect biodiversity. 
Blue fork certification.
 Organic certification by ecocert.

Sapin – Teardrop fir

Acetis produces fir syrup according to an ancestral recipe from the Pyrenees between Andorra, France and Spain. From this product, the house has developed an original and unique range composed of a light fir balsamic cream, 2 fir vinegars, fir pepper, floral pearls (rosemary, fir, balsamic), and recently the 1st Organic Fir Liqueur from the Pyrenees. Acetis has been certified organic since 2015 and in November 2018 received the Special Prize from the Federation of Regional Natural Parks for the national "Innovate in the Countryside" competition.


Slowfood – Maison DEHESA

Alongside its producers, Maison Dehesa gives unprecedented letters of nobility to products such as eel, anchovies, sardines, bottarga, black garlic, olive oil or even balsamic vinegar thanks to to a convergence of ancestral techniques and know-how from all over the world. In 2022, Maison DEHESA has more than 450 starred restaurants in Asia, Europe and Canada, in the very exclusive club of avant-garde chefs. These fermentation, maturing and salting products based on an in-house slow-maturation technique have inspired the biggest names on the international gastronomic scene in the design of dishes that have become essential today.

Berry, flower and mushroom – Bay of Flavors

La Baie des Saveurs forges links between producers and consumers in Baie-des-Chaleurs in order to combine local development, healthy food and thus reduce the ecological footprint of agriculture.




Vinegars – Le Bon Vinaigre

La Vinaigrerie Artisanale de Beaune is first and foremost the story of an entrepreneurial passion, expressed around the art of living, the craftsmanship of taste. At the head of the project: Lydie and Jean-Luc Maldant, winegrowers, attached to their territory, as well as to good and beautiful productions. The idea was born from a desire to give meaning to a sector approach. Transforming wines into vinegars, and bringing new meaning to the sector.

Vinegars – Le Paulmier

Maison Le Paulmier is an artisanal vinegar maker perched on the southwestern foothills of Pays d'Auge, in the heart of Normandy. 

Escargot – Bellorr

The Bellorr snail contributes to the preservation of French heritage. This is the beginning of our story; it all started with small-scale production. Then over the past 15 years, the little snail has made its way. Currently produced on 3 sites, 2 in Touraine and 1 in Charente, this represents more than 1.5 hectares in permaculture and for the year 2021, no less than 5 million snails will be raised. The Bellorr house therefore takes great pride in this activity because it is one of the main initiators of a sector where we are born, raised and transformed in France.

Pork - Duler House

Patrick Duler, founder of Maison Duler, has been a producer committed to sustainable agriculture since 1984 in Quercy, at the Domaine de Saint-Géry. Organic before its time and ecologist before fashion, Patrick advocates healthy and tasty agriculture.