Oyster Tarbouriech

Raw or sublimated by the most demanding gourmets, the Oyster Special Tarbouriech has made its place on the most prestigious tables in France but also abroad and stands out today as a reference oyster.

For any information on the Tarbouriech oyster, please contact us by email at the following address: ericportrait@groupe-axyon.com

The Solar Tide – an innovative, unique and patented process

Florent Tarbouriech, a passionate, demanding and ambitious oyster farmer, could not be satisfied with the beautiful Bouzigues oysters he produced. To convince Michelin-starred chefs fond of Atlantic oysters, he thought that by recreating the effect of the tide on the Thau lagoon, he could produce top-of-the-range oysters...
So he tried to pull the strings of oysters out of the water daily. It was more than satisfactory.
In 2008 he set up his first structure to mechanically lift oysters out of the water at a sustained and controlled pace.
Today 55 oyster beds are equipped with solar panels and/or wind turbines. Controlled remotely, the motors activate the poles which wind up or unwind the oyster strings. It is not the water that recedes but the oysters that rise and come out of the water. We do not suffer from the effect of the tide but control it (according to different parameters: weather, age of the oysters, etc.)

A sustainable farming method

Always aware that the environment around us is precious and fragile, sustainable development is imperative for us. As we have grown, we have been keen to include all the activities of "the House Tarbouriech" in a standardized approach.
We are proud to present the methods and results to you through the latest Sustainable Development report.