JC David

Smoked herring fillets


Fished in the cold waters off the coast of Norway, this Herring is salted in brine, then slowly smoked in our coresses (traditional wood-fired ovens), before being stripped of its skin. A small hole at the top of each fillet and silver reflections are signs of high quality preparation.

Our smoked herring are labeled Label Rouge and Saveur en'Or which reflect our values, ensuring ethical and responsible practices, ancestral and artisanal preparation methods, the excellence of French know-how and superior quality of our products.

Tasting advice:

Dip the fillets, preferably in rapeseed oil previously garnished with sliced ​​onions and thin slices of carrots, thyme and bay leaf. Refrigerate for a few days before serving at room temperature accompanied by firm, warm potatoes.

Product without additives.