White Anchovies in vinegar


Traceability: In sustainable fishing, our anchovies are caught and processed in the port of Santoña in Cantabria.

Integrated production mode: They are processed within two hours of fishing.

100% original : Their removal with tweezers, a true work of art unique in Europe.

No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.


Carefully open the box and the lid. Using cutlery (preferably wooden), remove the anchovies, drain them briefly and place them in a dish. Wait until they are at temperature (to the touch, you should not feel a difference in temperature between the anchovy and your finger) and discover the iodized notes and nutty aromas in their simplest form.


Alberto has been a fisherman for 5 generations on the Spanish Basque coast. Every night, he leaves with his small boat from the port of Santona, in search of the biggest anchovies and sardines, in the deep seas. Through this particular attention, our fisherman protects the renewal of marine species and allows us to then work the fillets in a slow-maturing process in brine, unique in the world.