Japanese-Style Beech Smoked Sardine Sashimi


Packaging: Hermetically sealed plastic tray. Semi-preserved.
DLC: 6 months
Storage: Refrigerated environment (from 0° to 5° C)
Weight: 500 grams / 12 fillets
Ingredients: Sardines , Sunflower Oil
Traceability Guarantee: Artisanal Fishing / No Additives No Preservatives No GMOs

• Japanese-style smoking technique offering a long finish, fatty aromas and a firm, melt-in-the-mouth sashimi-style texture.
• Freshness rendered by the crunchiness and the iridescent reflection on the skin.
• Without additives or preservatives and without GMOs.

True popstar of European cuisine , canned sardines invite themselves to all tables! In order to restore its natural crunch and the flavor of its noble fat, often coated with oil and salt from canning, By DEHESA has reinvented it like Sashimi: an original combination of Mediterranean and Japanese canning techniques, to obtain a half-cooked half-raw that explodes in the mouth!

Our sardines come from sustainable fishing, in the port of Santoña in Cantabria, the Spanish Basque country. Only Alberto knows how to find the largest sizes of sardines in the world to offer you an XXL product of choice.