Smoked cod roe

We have selected cod from the cold seas of Iceland for the quality of the waters, which provide the eggs with unequaled purity. We operated a very light Japanese-style smoking on the skin of the pocket, to obtain all the flavors of the tarama without any additives or ingredients of the classic recipe.

Unctuous texture and incomparable roll in the mouth.
Without beeswax
Without note of salt or astringency.
No preservatives, no additives and no GMOs.

Quality Charter

Traceability : Hailing from fishing in Iceland, our responsible anglers focus on pristine catching areas and patiently wait for females to reach full maturity. They are then smoked at our producer in Spain.
100% original : Thanks to its natural wood smoking, our cod bottarga has the natural taste of taramasalata.
Ingredients : Cod eggs, salt.
Allergens : Poisson.

Nutritional advice

As with caviar, it is fish eggs and therefore an excellent source of omega 3, generally accompanied by high concentrations of ABCDEK vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The maturation of bottarga makes it a product extremely concentrated in nutrients and one of the most protein foods with almost 60% protein, so it is an ideal food for athletes and is also very satiating, see cut- hunger.

$90 per kg

For the desired quantity, on request: