Fresh escargots in broth


Lovers of snails and French gastronomy will feast on these quality fresh gros gris escargots raised and cooked in France, in Touraine.

The big gray snail, or scientifically Hélix Aspersa Maxima, is the larger of the two species of farmed snails possible in France.

These delicious large gray snails are sterilized and cooked in court bouillon, so they are immediately ready to be tasted. Excellent both cold and warm, these snails from France will delight your taste buds.

Ingredients of these large gray snails from France:
95% flesh trimmed with snail (Helix Aspersa Maxima)
5% court-Bouillon - water, vegetables, white wine, mixed herbs, salt, pepper

Pack of 500g - about 80-100 pc per pack.

Preparation advice for these fresh Gros Gris snail meat from France:
These large gray snails are already cooked and prepared. Once drained and rinsed they are ready to be tasted and can be cooked in different ways.

We offer 3 tasting suggestions to find below:
Eat them directly cold, to nibble as an aperitif.
Snails with parsley butter, reheated in the oven
Fricassee with parsley in a pan

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