Dried red tuna heart from the Mediterranean sea

Packaging : Sous-Vide
DLC : 4 months
Storage : Refrigerated medium (0 ° to 5 ° C)
Weight : 160 grams approx.
Ingredients : Bluefin Tuna, Sea Salt
Traceability Guarantee : Without Additive Without Preservative Without GMO
< br data-mce-fragment = "1"> Sin on the Atlantic coasts of Andalusia, according to the Phoenician methods known as the "trap", fishing declared sustainable by the European Union, wild bluefin tuna presents an unknown condiment and fabulous revealed by the Japanese. According to a forgotten tradition dating from the Edo period, which By DEHESA faithfully reproduces, the heart of the bluefin tuna, by its extraordinary size, allows, by drying it, to obtain a powerful natural flavor enhancer concentrating all the aromas of the sea. .

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