Organic Canadian Lobster Oil


Easy to use on a daily basis to flavor all your dishes and culinary creations, our lobster oil goes particularly well with all fish and seafood dishes such as pasta, rice, pizzas, salads or with tartars.

This oil with the unique aroma of grilled lobster is an explosion of flavors, it will bring a gourmet touch to your basic preparations such as fries, mashed potatoes, gratins, sauces and vinaigrettes.

Developed with respect for the circular economy by internationally renowned chef Jérôme Ferrer (Grand Chef Relais & Château and Grandes Tables du monde) in Montreal, it can be used wonderfully cold and hot for all your cooking of fish, fruit seafood and even with white or red meats if you are looking for the taste experience of a true North American steakhouse.

Ingredients :

Canadian lobster, canola oil, maple syrup, carrot, Labrador tea leaves, dune pepper.

All the essence of authentic Canada in one bottle.

Our food commitment
Concerned about the planet, sustainable development and the circular economy, we are very proud to produce a gourmet oil that is affordable and accessible to all, 100% organic and eco-responsible. Since we recycle 100% of raw materials in a circular economy in the food chain, we are zero waste.

375mL bottle