French Tahitian Vanilla


ORIGIN : Used by the Aztecs for preparation of beverage or as a medicinal plant, discovered by the Spanish conquerors in the 16th century, vanilla seduces today with its delicate and gourmet aroma. Different from other species, TAHITI vanilla or TAHITENSIS vanilla benefits from an exceptional terroir and is the fruit of rigorous work and know-how. It offers its users a unique aromatic palette that seduces lovers of the finest products. TAHITI vanilla is a “must”.

TASTING: Acclaimed by top chefs, the best pastry chefs and chocolatiers, they consider TAHITI vanilla to be the best in the world. With notes of anise, prunes or licorice, our vanilla will enhance your culinary creations, pastries and other chocolate pleasures. Indeed, the quality and freshness of our fleshy pods will guarantee you an exceptional yield! You will find in our vanilla the highest taste and organoleptic qualities, which will sublimate all your recipes incorporating this ingredient, and you will be sensitive to its complete traceability.

Pack of 100gr, i.e. 14 to 17 fresh vanilla pods.