Smoked Eel, Leeks and Caviar


6 Quebec leeks
2 slices of sandwich bread
Smoked eel
1 French shallot
1 clove of garlic
Salt Pepper

150 ml Olive oil
250 ml Canola oil
20 g Dijon mustard
20 g Old fashioned mustard
10 g Honey
120 ml Fir vinegar
7 g salt

Preparation steps:
Cook the leeks English style, cool in ice then drain on paper towel.
Cut into sticks and set aside.
Cut cubes of sandwich bread, and brown them in olive oil with the garlic clove, thyme and salt.
Drain and set aside.
Make the vinaigrette.
Carve the smoked eel and set aside »

For the dressing:
Arrange the sticks on the plate in a line, season with the vinaigrette, add the pieces of eel, the croutons, chives, and finish with the caviar.

Bon appetit.