Abies Lagrimus

Organic fir pepper


Organic Fir Pepper is a spice from the buds of the Abies Alba fir tree. Intended for gourmets and gourmets looking for new flavors, this blend of Pyrenean tradition and innovation will surprise you with its original aromatic intensity.
The fir buds are harvested by hand at an altitude of 1700m, in the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees. This harvest is done in partnership with the ONF, with respect for biodiversity and contributes to the revitalization of the territory through the development of an untapped resource.
The artisanal manufacturing process preserves the authenticity of the flavors of the High Mountain. Previously dried using solar energy in our hand-made dryers, the buds are then crushed in our workshop in Sahorre.
Organic Fir Pepper develops aromas of fir and resin, as well as red fruits and its light bitterness makes it exceptional. Easy to use, ORGANIC Fir Pepper will enhance your meat and fish dishes thanks to its astonishing green color, or enhance your marinades. Also as a final touch to your sweet desserts, it will accompany fruit sorbets or fine pies.

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