Plantin: The history of the House

It was in 1930 that Marcel Plantin founded Maison Plantin in the heart of Provence.
Since its beginnings, this family business has established itself as the major supplier of truffles to the great tables of France.
In 1986, Hervé Poron took over Maison PLANTIN, and strongly developed his activity. In particular, it exports its know-how abroad.
Just as passionate as he is about truffle growing in particular and the world of truffles in general, Christopher Poron, his son, and Nicolas Rouhier, continue his work today.
From the United States to Japan, via Singapore or the United Arab Emirates, from the tables of the Elysée to those of the greatest French chefs, such as Joël Robuchon, Benoît Violier or Yannick Alleno, all call on Maison Plantin to supply themselves with truffles and wild mushrooms.