Whole Carabinero Shrimps


Beautiful carabineros are a large species of deep-sea shrimp that hail from the eastern Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. They are renowned for their jumbo size and vibrant vibrant red color.

Known by a plethora of names:
In Spanish and Portuguese it is "Carabineros".
In English as "Scarlet Shrimp or" Cardinal Prawns ".
In French as" Crevette Imperiale ".
Carabineros translates to" police "in Spanish. Apparently, because the color of their shells matched the Spanish customs police uniforms.

Their distinct red color does not change during cooking. More distinct and robust than other shrimp or scampi, they are also coveted for their large size.

While their meat resides in the tail , their cephalothoraxes (head and body) are not to be overlooked and are excellent for making clear, creamy soups and sauces to which it adds flavor and red color. None of these shrimp should be wasted, and some Europeans consider the flavor of their head as a "treat".

Traditionally prepared e n Spain and Portugal as simply salted and grilled, some suggest they should be treated like a delicate little lobster versus just a simple shrimp.

These are considered the crown jewel of the world shrimp. They are known for their tasty juice contained in their heads which is released during cooking, adding a robust and unique seafood essence to your dishes, sauces and creams.

When cooking, they can be poached, sautéed, steamed
They are also excellent in paellas and robust stews. Many chefs appreciate the “plate appeal” of their color and size when served whole.

Content : 8-10 pcs / kg Carabinero Shrimps

Lot of 1.2 kg (8 pieces)
150 gr per piece approximately
Frozen product

Origin : Spain, Morocco

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