Maison Duculty

Homemade cured sausage


Our artisanal dry sausage is easy to slice and transport. Looking for how to make a good picnic, our dry sausage will be perfect, as well as to accompany your hikes. Adored by children, it will also satisfy your moments of sharing with family or friends as an aperitif!

Our climate is perfect for natural drying, we let the grey-green wild flower develop naturally in order to develop the characteristic undergrowth aromas of our dry charcuterie. We make our artisanal dry sausage from 100% fresh meat, mainly from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, we do not use any dyes or allergens. We stuff our sausage in a natural pork casing and tied with string. In short, we all put our heart, passion and sincerity into this old fashioned artisan dry sausage for your enjoyment.


Fresh regional pork meat, salt, sugar, spice (pepper), aromatic plant (garlic), ferments.
Preservative: Potassium nitrate. (Residual dose (once the product is dry): 0.003 grams / kg)
Natural pork casing.


We advise you to keep your dry sausage in its Saucibox specially designed for refining in the lower part of your refrigerator.