Tuber aestivum summer truffle


The fresh summer truffle (Tuber aestivum), often mistakenly called "white summer truffle" because of its white flesh, bears no resemblance to the white truffle strictly speaking. The taste and aroma of the summer truffle give off light notes, perfectly suited to summer gastronomy. Firm and crunchy, it invites itself to all the tables as soon as the fine weather arrives, which can be grated on a salad or on toast for the aperitif, with a drizzle of olive oil.

Also known as the "Saint-Jean truffle", it is harvested in France but also in Spain or Italy.

Generally larger and firmer than the Tuber melanosporum, its skin is similar to that of the black truffle, but its flesh remains very clear. White at the start of the season to change to brown at the end of the season, it has a slight taste of hazelnut. On the nose, a fine and light smell of mushroom and undergrowth.

Harvest period : April to August.

Tasting advice
The fresh summer truffle is eaten very simply: grated fresh on a salad, sprinkled with olive oil and fleur de sel. Avoid heating it so that it does not lose all its flavors.

Already washed, these fresh truffles are ready to use and can be kept in the refrigerator (between 2°C and 5°C) for about a week.
Gently remove them from their bag then place them in an airtight box lined with absorbent paper (to be changed every two days).

The right amount
(Per person)
Tasting: 15 to 20 g
Just to taste: 7 to 10 g