Honey and saffron pear tatin

Ingredients for 6 people:

5 not too ripe pears (variants possible with quince or apple)
1 disk of puff pastry
juice of ½ lemon
40 g butter + a few hazelnuts for the tourtière
3 tablespoons of neutral honey (acacia for example)
4 pistils of saffron
Infuse the saffron in the lemon juice, if possible the day before.
Peel the pears, cut them into quarters, remove the central part with pips. Sprinkle with the saffron lemon juice and mix.

Preheat the oven and butter the tourtière.

Put the pear segments and their juice in a skillet over medium heat with 4 tbsp of water. Leave to cook for ten minutes, turning them gently: they must be tender and there must be almost no water left. Then add the butter and honey and mix until you get a golden color of caramel.

Pour the pear quarters with all the caramel into the mold and arrange them on the back of the quarter, in a rosette. Cover with the puff pastry, tucking it in well around the edges. Bake for about 30 minutes.

Wait a few minutes after removing from the oven, cover the tourtière with the serving platter and flip sharply to unmold. Let all the caramel drip and serve.