Plantin: Truffle expert since 1930

Ideally located at the heart from the truffle-producing region, close to the main truffle markets and truffle growers, Maison Plantin has positioned itself since its creation as a key player in the selection of the best truffles in France. The best fresh truffles from Vaucluse, in particular Richerenches truffles and Carpentras truffles are selected by Maison Plantin.

In order to be able to offer its customers in the catering industry and the processing industry an even wider choice of truffles throughout the year, Maison Plantin now works in partnership with truffle producers. 'Spain and Australia for example. Processing twenty to thirty tons of fresh truffles a year, focusing on the most noble varieties, it is always the best Tuber Melanosporum that she chooses around the world.