Pedro Ximenez Aged Balsamic Vinegar


Packaging: 37.5cl bottle
DLC: 18 months
Storage: Dry environment away from light
Ingredients: Wine vinegar (degree of acidity : 6°C)
Traceability Guarantee: 1st Epicures Prize 2018 - DOP Morels

• 1st balsamic vinegar without added sugar and caramel. 6% acidity.
• Aged in century-old oak barrels.
• Unfiltered, the aging process continues in the bottle.
• Complex, balanced and widest aromatic palette on the market ranging from bitterness (cocoa, chocolate) with softer tones (candied fruit, red fruit, honey).
• Uplifting maderized and tangy tones on the mid-palate.

A Creation BY DEHESA:
In order to offer the first balsamic vinegar without added sugar and without a caramelization process, we have selected a land and a winemaker capable of offering a naturally "sweet" wine, which has taken the time to age naturally in oak barrels. This is how Pepe, winemaker for 6 generations in the Cordoba desert, gave us a priceless treasure! Living memory of the greatest Sherry wines of the region, it is the last to have century-old barrels in which still rest single-varietal wines and vinegars from Pedro Ximenez from 1929! With his help and that of great Spanish oenologists, we have designed this limited edition vinegar, in the pure tradition of aging great Sherry and Sherry wines. Made from grapes from "albarizas" vineyards, Pepe's vinaire goes through an ancestral and forgotten method of raisining - drying the bunches in the sun for 24 hours - in order to concentrate the natural sugar contained in the grapes. The aging then rests on a strict replication of the ancestral methods of vinification of Sherry wine, known as "Criada" and "Solera", in century-old oak barrels.The acidity level is controlled to less than 6% to recall the sweetness of the vinegars balsamic